Other resources

There’s loads of help out there….

The following are links to pages that I’ve made use of over the years.  If there are any sites that you have found particularly helpful – let me know and I’ll include a link…

Michael Levin ‘books are my babies’….

This guy is great – really great. He’s more motivated by the business side of writing but he also covers loads of great stuff about creative writing techniques. Definitely worth you taking a look.

Here’s his YouTube channel, have a hunt around to find the videos that are relevant to you.



(my little joke)

To some, grammar is a thing of beauty, to me its a mystery. In the 1970’s the great and the good in Britain decided that being formally taught grammar would cramp our creativity….consequently I am part of a generation for whom (?) the rules of grammar are still something of a mystery….

I guess I’ll always need somewhere to turn for help. Here’s a pretty decent site I make use of;


In a similar vane

(another little joke)

When you are in need of disconfibulation….(a made up word).


Like Minds

You are not alone. There are plenty of folks ‘doing the thing’ and many are happy to support others in their creative writing endeavour.

The ‘writing reader’ blogs and tweets. Check out the webpage;